Dermatological treatments

Dermatological treatments deal with ailments related with the skin, whether in origin or due to their implication in other categories of ailments, as they are frequently associated with metabolic, blood, digestive, liver or psychological disorders.
This category comprises everything from common ailments such as allergic, atopical and seborrhoeic dermatitis, including dermatosis, scaling and varicose ulcers, through to more serious ailments such as erythema and chronic urticaria.
In more specific complaints such as psoriasis, herpes, lichen planus and acne, substantial improvement can be achieved in the appearance of eruptions and pruritus; a significant improvement can also be seen in the various types of eczema which are treatable in all stages of their evolution.
These treatments are also highly recommended for alleviating the effects of burns, or as a preparation to be applied to the affected area before surgery, as they improve the stability of the damaged tissue and significantly reduce pain and itching.

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