Digestive treatments

Digestive treatments deal with the gastric system and the organs associated with the digestive tract. These include disorders of the liver, vesicle, pancreas and gall bladder, and dysfunctions in gastric and intestinal secretions, motility and sensitivity.
It is worth highlighting their beneficial action in the case of dyspepsia and hiatus, as they work through the anti-acid and antiseptic action of their mineral composition and by regulating the pH of the gastric fluids, the primary causes of these ailments.
Another of the most notable effects is the marked increase in blood flow throughout the whole of the digestive system, an action which plays a decisive part in improving ailments related with gastric and intestinal mucus, as well as in cases of sluggish intestinal transit and dysfunction in stomach secretions. They are therefore very beneficial in cases of colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, lithiasis and other intestinal ailments.

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