Applications of pressurised mineral-medicinal waters in a wide variety of types, and distinguished by the means by which they are administered, the degree of pressure and the temperature.

Circular shower: Low-pressure application of mineral-medicinal waters through multiple orifices arranged in a series of rings at different heights which distribute the water all over the body, thus achieving the effect of a whole-body massage.

Scottish shower: Application of mineral-medicinal waters at two temperatures in which the water is applied alternately at hot and cold temperatures in order to generate a stimulant effect.

Filiform shower: Technique in which mineral-medicinal water is applied through numerous holes no larger than a millimetre and at very high pressures. It is used mainly in cases of skin complaints.

Vichy shower: Mixed technique combining the relaxing action of a vertical shower which sprays the user from above, while simultaneously receiving a massage according to the individual's particular needs.

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