Nervous system or relaxation treatments

Nervous system treatments cover the most common ailments relating to this nervous system, including particularly those which are triggered by states of professional and personal stress, which are becoming increasingly common in today's society with its ever more demanding pace.
In a generic manner, thermal waters have an immediately soothing effect, as they produce a relaxation of the smooth and striated muscles, in addition to a significant increase in endorphin activity, leading to a sensation of well-being and relaxation and to a reduction in mental tension.
It is well worth noting the sedative effect of radioactive waters, which are highly beneficial in the case of neuritis and neuralgias, as they produce a generalised relaxation of the nervous system and an immediate sensation of calm. The treatments, combined with a stay in the spa, lead to a significant improvement in headaches, migraines and other neuralgias, and have proven to be effective in cases of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

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