Hand baths

These techniques involve a partial bath applied to the hands and part of the arms when there is pain concentrated in these parts of the body. 
They are prescribed in cases of arthrosis of the hands and wrists, and in other inflammatory complaints involving joint pain in the upper extremities, and in traumatological ailments such as sprains and tendinitis of the wrists and elbows; they are therefore highly recommended in rehabilitation therapies after surgery and fractures.
They are also indicated for the treatment of allergic reactions in the hands and for other skin complaints, and they produce particular improvements in eczemas as they increase the elasticity of the tissues and re-mineralise the skin.
Normally, thermal waters are used at a temperature of around 38ºC, although occasionally, and depending on the treatment prescribed, the immersions are in hot and cold water alternately, and at intervals defined by the specialist.

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