A bath is the term given to all those techniques based on the immersion of the body or of any of its parts in mineral-medicinal waters; the temperature and duration of the bath will depend on the treatment prescribed.

This is one of the techniques that have been used since time immemorial; there are records of immersion in waters with mineral-medicinal properties dating from the time of the Greek and Roman civilisations, when citizens enjoyed the benefits of their healing properties.

The baths can be hot, with temperatures ranging between 37ºC and 39ºC, and lasting between 10 and 30 minutes; or cold, with temperatures of less than 34ºC and with shorter intervals.

There are numerous methods depending on the space and the mode in which they are carried out, as well as on the temperature and the additional application of water jets or pressurised air to enhance the therapeutic effects of their properties. These immersions can be total or partial, individual or collective, and take place in baths, tanks or pools.

Whirlpools. These are baths pumped with air or thermal gas by means of an underwater programmable jet, either applied locally to the specific area to be treated, or generally in order to achieve a relaxing effect.

Hydromassage baths. These are baths with the addition of water currents by means of an underwater programmable jet, and are designed to produce an overall massaging effect and have a relaxing action. When localised, they help in the treatment of specific ailments.

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