Thermal techniques

Our spas offer a wide variety of techniques:

Steam room

tecnicas termales en balnearios - vaporariumInhalation technique also known by the name of humage, which consists of directly breathing in the gases and vapours which emanate naturally from certain hot springs when the mineral-medicinal waters emerge from the ground.

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Inhalation Sprays

jcrop previewThis technique involves inhaling thermal waters, and is based on the same principles as spray, although in this case the size of the mineral-medicinal water droplets is much smaller, and the water is administered in a state immediately prior to vaporisation.

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Thermal swimming pool

tecnicas termales en balneariosThis is a tank filled with mineral-medicinal waters in which the users can benefit from the properties of the waters according to the prescriptions of the medical specialist, who will indicate the duration of the bath, the rhythm of the immersions, and the periods of recovery or acclimatisation.

Foot baths

jcrop previewThis partial bathing technique is very similar to hand baths, but applied to the lower extremities, and particularly to the feet and lower legs.

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tecnicas termales en balnearios - nebulizacionesThis technique is applied in a similar manner to steam baths, with the difference that the decomposition process means that the mineral-medicinal waters do not totally evaporate, but instead create a dense mist formed by medium to large droplets which can be inhaled and thus reach the respiratory passages.

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Hand baths

jcrop previewThese techniques involve a partial bath applied to the hands and part of the arms when there is pain concentrated in these parts of the body.

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Mud treatments

jcrop previewAlso known as peloid treatments, these are substances made by mixing a solid, organic or mineral substrate with mineral-medicinal waters, giving a final product with healing properties for a range of different purposes.

The paste must be properly mixed and matured in order to ensure the ideal consistency and the desired therapeutic effects.

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tecnicas termales en balnearios - inhalaciones

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ducha vichy

Applications of pressurised mineral-medicinal waters in a wide variety of types, and distinguished by the means by which they are administered, the degree of pressure and the temperature.

Hydropinic cure


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