Therapeutic treatments

These are especially recommended for preventing and/or treating ailments:

Rheumatological treatments

jcrop previewRheumatological treatments are used for ailments of the locomotive system and their associated traumatism, including bone, muscle and cartilage.

Respiratory treatments

tratamiento respiratorioen balneario

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Kidney treatments

tratamiento renal en balnearioThese treatments focus on the kidneys and other organs in the urinary system. In general the mineral-medicinal waters indicated for oral consumption tend to have a significant diuretic effect.

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Nervous system or relaxation treatments

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Digestive treatments

tratamiento digestivo en balnearioDigestive treatments deal with the gastric system and the organs associated with the digestive tract. These include disorders of the liver, vesicle, pancreas and gall bladder, and dysfunctions in gastric and intestinal secretions, motility and sensitivity.

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Dermatological treatments

jcrop previewDermatological treatments deal with ailments related with the skin, whether in origin or due to their implication in other categories of ailments, as they are frequently associated with metabolic, blood, digestive, liver or psychological disorders.

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Circulatory treatments

jcrop previewCirculatory treatments favour blood circulation and the organs. The main effect on the organism is due to their hyperaemic effect in increasing blood flow. Sulphur decreases the resistance of the peripheral vessels, which lowers arterial pressure and improves circulation to the heart and the brain.

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