Medicinal waters

Medicinal and mineral waters are the source of health and well-being and include:

Sulphur-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters in which there is a predominance of the sulphate anion associated with calcium, sodium or magnesium cations. They are mainly used to stimulate organ function, particularly in the digestive system, as well as having decongestant and purgative properties. They are recommended as a drink to regulate the digestive system and the associated vesicles.

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Sodium-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in sodium. These have an antiseptic action as they hinder the development of various germs, as well as protecting the liver and having cholagogue and anti-toxic properties.

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Radioactive Waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosThese waters emit natural radioactivity and produce ionising particles due to their content in radon gas. They have an analgesic, anti-algic and antispasmodic action. They are indicated in psychiatric pathologies and for symptoms of stress, joint and rheumatic ailments, asthma and circulatory ailments; they also increase thyroid activity and improve microcirculation in diabetics.

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Mineralised waters

aguas medicinales en balnearios

Magnesium rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in magnesium. They have a purgative action as they favour digestive transit and kidney function, as well as acting as a vasodilator. For this reason they are indicated for dysfunctions of the digestive system, liver and kidney as well as for the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular ailments.

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Fluoridated waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in fluoride. They are beneficial for the bone structure, protect the formation and conservation of teeth, and prevent osteoporosis as fluoride associates easily to calcium. These waters are particularly recommended for patients with bone problems in general, as in the case of osteoporosis associated with the menopause.

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Iron-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in bivalent iron. They stimulate the production of red blood cells, and their oxidising enzymes give them anti-anaemic and tonic properties, making them particularly indicated for iron deficiency anaemias, developmental disorders, and in cases of convalescence and hypothyroidism; they are also highly recommended in weight loss regimes.

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Chloride-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in chloride. Taken internally they are antidiuretic and stimulate gastric and bile secretions; taken externally they have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action and stimulate cicatrisation. They are particularly recommended in the treatment of surgical trauma, rheumatological, dermatological and respiratory ailments, neuralgias and for gynaecological problems.

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Carbon dioxide-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters which contain free carbonated gas. They are used as table waters as they stimulate the appetite and facilitate digestion. Taken externally they act as powerful arterial vasodilators, and are therefore recommended for circulatory ailments such as high blood pressure, vascular ailments, etc.

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Calcium-rich waters

aguas medicinales en balneariosWaters rich in calcium, normally associated to sulphurs. They protect the digestive system and act as sedatives and antispasmodics, as well as being diuretic and reducing systolic blood pressure; they are therefore recommended for digestive complaints and in cases of bone degeneration, and are also very beneficial for cardiovascular ailments such as high cholesterol.

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