logotipo de hedima

Access to the Hedima training platform.

This link accesses the training website of the National Spa Association, containing all the information on the training initiatives, and arranged as follows:

Minimum requirements: characteristics of the training courses available.

List of courses: a list of all the training programmes on offer, with the possibility of viewing a description of objectives and contents.

Calendar: as the plan develops, the calendars for the start and end of the training groups will be published.

Application form: this enables you to register for your chosen training course.

Training types: provides an explanation of the characteristics of each of the different training types.

Open training: allows you to access online training pills without the need to register first.

E-learning access: this option enables you to access the courses for which you have previously registered in the tele-training mode.

We hope you find the training offer useful.

Today is the perfect day to start training!